• Complete scrubber installations
    We can manage your complete scrubber installation from the initial feasibility study phase to a final working solution by constructive co-operation with the scrubber supplier and the yard.
  • Improving SOx removal and reducing pressure drop
    Sometimes a scrubber system isn’t performing as expected. By analyzing your system, we can often find solutions to reduce the pressure drop, water flow and SOx removal efficiency. The solutions might range from a simple upgrade of the scrubber control system to physical changes inside the scrubber.
  • Conversion of open loop to hybrid scrubbers
    It is possible to convert your open loop scrubber to a hybrid or closed loop type by adding some valves, a plate heat exchanger and a water cleaning system. This is particular relevant if the discharge of open loop water is further prohibited or if your ship changes the route to such areas.
  • ECA design
    Software to calculate CAPEX, OPEX and ROI of different scrubber installations. Please contact us for a demo.
  • ECA performance
    Software to quickly access, visualize and analyze your scrubber data. Please contact us for a demo.